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lj friends meme

My addition to the meme is marked in bold; also I converted it from second person to first.

I stole this from: jfpbookworm

Friend with the coolest username: fourcoffees

Friend with the coolest userpics: huskyscotsman (here) or inkylj (here)

Friend with the cutest username: none really. ok, huskyscotsman

Friend with the coolest layout: dunno, I just use my friends list

Most like to comment in your journal: Huh, tough one, since I don't have anyone particularly chatty, so I just tend to provoke a random assortment on occasion. Looking back over the last month, the most posts seem to be from ronebofh and llaird. And nothings of course.

I last added: 2wanda (via ronebofh); before that, rollick [not mutual] & sunyata__ (via shadesong's "personals")

I first added: pobig most likely, since he gave me the invite code.

The longest I've gone without posting since the day I signed up: 5 days of non-posting. (6 days from previous post to next post)

The longest I've gone without reading LJ since I discovered it: Probably 2 or 3 days; I don't remember if I read it over Christmas; if not, the same 6 days.

How many of my LJ friends I know in real life: Counting people I've only met once, 13, but I knew all of them on the net before real life; mostly t.b'ers: askesis, boutell, caitlinburke, dfan, dwenius, fin9901, glaucon, merde, morrisa, palecur, pbmath, tritone, yong_mi. If I had to just count people I "really" knew in real life, probably just dfan and askesis (been a long time for the latter, though)

How many of my LJ friends I knew previous to LJ: Actually, it'll be shorter to reverse this to name just the ones I only know through LJ, and limited to mutual friends: 2wanda, llaird, prettyoctopussy, shadesong, sunyata__, tritia; I think I have about 70 mutual friends on LJ, so around 64. (Hmm, the aforementioned are all women. Suspicious.)

Have I ever wanted to meet someone from LJ? Well, almost met llaird. But in general, yes, and no doubt I will at bobs and meets.

Journals I enjoy reading the most (do not say "all of them"): askesis when he posts his really thoughtful stuff, which make me wish I could think like that; he hasn't posted many of those lately. spinooti is a totally nutty college freshman through whom I vicariously live a nutty life of pirates and cartoons of cigarette-smoking Harry Potter.

Friend I admire the most: well, skipping the non-mutual friends, emshort for some of the best interactive fiction ever. The non-mutual list is pretty long, since I've got a bunch of webcomic authors I admire, plus a couple of alpha geeks.

Friend with an attitude problem: does anybody whine more than me? I don't think so, so it wouldn't be appropriate for me to finger anyone.

Friend who's the funniest: sargent and grunk were two very funny fictional LJs set in the same fantasy universe, but spinooti [non-mutual] is the only active one that makes me laugh.

Friend who's the sweetest: are any of you sweet, my dears? I see your locked posts and know better. Perhaps some of my newest additions are sweet and I haven't had time to find outt. Oh wait, how about isquiesque?

Friend I trust the most: Hmm. Wow, I don't know. I'm going to plead "too hard to figure out".

Friend I know the best: dfan or elsibeth

Friend I'm most likely to have a crush on: well, easy way out: elsibeth or ilanarama

Prettiest/cutest friend? Hmm, I haven't seen good pictures of a lot of people (user pics don't count), so I guess I'll have to suck up to caitlinburke. If non-mutuals are allowed, you have to admit that brad is pretty cute!

Tallest friend: Dunno.

Shortest friend: shadesong or elsibeth, I forget which, of the ones I know.

Oldest friend: 2wanda (but don't take it personally!)

Youngest friend: okb (just squeezing out mao by 5 days!)

Friend I see the most: well, caitlinburke and I managed to get together twice in the first several months after I moved to the bay area, but since then I've really only met up with LJ people in larger groups, so nobody!

Friend I talk to the most online: all the ifmudders, obviously. inkylj, grunk, fourcoffes, huskyscotsman, natecull, and storme the most.

Prettiest couple: Having not seen many pictures, I'll pass.

Prettiest hair: Hard to tell from photos. I'll just say llaird because her default userpic is what I think of when I think "hair" in an LJ context.

Most like me: Hrmm. From that male/female-brained quiz, I guess storme. On the geek front, huskyscotsman and inkylj, but I don't know enough about their personalities to know how otherwise similar we are.
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