not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

music sketchbook

They're coming fast an furious because I'm playing catch-up since I didn't post any in January.

music sketchbook v2 #9 (3:55) (3.5MB mp3)

I recorded this neat, faux-exotic backing track inspired by Jon Hassel's album Power Spot. (You may have heard Jon Hassel's weird processed trumpet work on Talking Head's Houses in Motion.) Then I couldn't figure out anything to put over top of it. Eventually I just settled on a masturbatory guitar solo, but I tried about 8 times (including several times using a Hassellian harmonizer on the guitar) and never liked it. So you get the last one I did even though I didn't really like it.

Anyway, since I'm not very happy with it, here's the backing track alone without a solo. Should any musicians out there be crazy enough to try to do anything with this thing, the basic section is two repeats of (7+6+4+3)/8, with the last 3 8ths of every second section being pitched up a half-step. Convenient cheat: it adds up to 20, so you can use 4 bars of 5/8 or 5 bars of 4/8 for a polyrhythmicy feel. The ending bit is just 7/8. Note that like all music sketchbook entries, I'm placing this backing track in the public domain, so do what you like. I'd enjoy hearing about it, though.
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