not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

orenr's T-shirt meme, skipping mention of plain ones, and from memory so I might forget a few:
  • one black with Brunching Shuttlecock's logo
  • one black with 'Tina, the Troubled Teen', a cartoon goth girl, from Brunching Shuttlecocks, but no logo visible
  • one white t-shirt, with several "Dungeons and Hamsters" comics on the back
  • two different white Max and Cow t-shirts
  • two white talk.bizarre t-shirts
  • one white t-shirt, with a picture of a monster saying "ooga booga"
  • one white Software Patents Suck T-shirt I made myself on cafepress. Features a tiny LZW compressor on the back. Has the LZW (GIF) patent expired yet? I think it was supposed to be this year.
  • LookingGlass shirts:
    • two black System Shock t-shirts
    • one white Terra Nova t-shirt
    • one white "Stuff It, Sega" from an unpublished college basketball game I worked on
    • one white "Work Like a Dog or You're Fired" Looking Glass shirt
  • two white Software Construction Company shirts, another company I worked at
  • one white OpenGL t-shirt
  • a light blue Arkenstone at Arkhaven t-shirt, that being the name of a cottage on the Chesapeake Bay that my extended family has summer events at
  • one red shirt with a black drawing of a female elf's face (see the juggling animation on my home page); from Storm, a fairly cheesy friend-of-a-friend's musical that I wrote the music for
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