not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

i don't dream about anyone

Ugh. I was hoping to sleep late this morning, but there was banging and what not from the apartment above me being worked on. (I'm not sure I've posted about this before, but I think it's been going on for more than a month now, off and on.)

I was eating dinner in a huge dining room with a huge dining table. The room was almost like the grand entry hall of a giant mansion, for it had a grand staircase leading up to a second story.

One of the other dinner guests made a strange gesture while touching the surface of the table, and suddenly a flying creature of some kind (bat? bird? I dunno) appeared in the corner of the room and flew down to her, then flew past. Another guest did similarly, and the rest of the guests applauded or something.

I tried to do it too, but wasn't having any luck. I was about to ask the first one for advice, whether I needed to make this gesture on a certain place on the table, when I looked down and discovered that the tablecloth had a blueprint of the room on it. Here was the table where we were sitting, and all the places marked, and here was the staircase, and the balcony above...

I sat there drawing little circles with my index finger on various spots on the tablecloth, to no avail. Then I noticed a little animated character running across the blueprint, so I tried circling her with my finger, and there was a little sparkle although nothing else happened.

Soon, the tablecloth was overrun with ten or fifteen little characters, mages and monsters and innocents, battling it out. I kept drawing little circles around the characters, but it wasn't all that effective--sometimes they'd be hindered and sometimes helped, and I couldn't predict which. They'd take damage, or be healed, or be trapped in a little bubble.

There was this one pair of guys who I wanted to save who were in dire straits, so I circled them, and they just disappeared entirely. Oops!

But then, a minute later, the turn ended--I hadn't even known there were turns--and the system paused for a moment, and then a label flashed up with what year it was: 2 million years ago. And there was one of the two guys! I'd accidentally sent them back in time 2 million years!

How was I going to get them back to the now where everyone else was? I mean, sure, they were immortal video game characters, but it would take a long time for me to play them through two million years of game time!

Anyway, there were all these weird random critters streaming by the one guy, but fortunately he was inside a tiny sort of closet-like thing so they didn't see him, because his health was still low and he was in dire straits. I didn't have any idea where his buddy was. Eventually, I was able to sneak him out past some of the guys, and he crouched down in this outside area and looked around.

There were a few enemies around (different races which had different names which I don't remember now), but nobody seemed to be in a place where they could see him, so I clicked 'end turn'. The enemies shuffled around--I got a flash of an enemy just up the hill from this guy, somewhere where this guy couldn't see him--aha, that must be the other guy of mine saw him there. After it was my turn again, I hunted through the UI and found a 'next friend' button and clicked that, and there was the other guy, splayed on the ground, clutching a huge gun. He had an easy bead on the enemy overlooking my crouching guy.

Then my crouching guy had to hustle (in real time) out of the way of an oncoming train. It was a weird, sort of steampunk-esque train, with these huge, groaning wheels. It came to a stop--apparently this was a major station or something. The crouching guy thought about maybe climbing up in the underside of the train, or just crossing through, but I was afraid it would start moving when he did it.

Then another train came in, perpendicularly to this one, and came to a stop in the station. It drove right through the existing train--one of the cars in the first train had these slots in it where the wheels from the second train would fit so they became momentarily interlocked. (Don't worry if you can't picture it--it doesn't actually make any sense.)

Then the train pulled out and I don't remember any more.

One of these days I'll have a dream that doesn't turn into a videogame.
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