not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Fucking fucking fuckers. I'm surfing this website which keeps trying to play background music via Quicktime. Given that it's a site about music, I don't really blame the site author.

No, I blame Quicktime for popping up a box saying I need to download certain software to play the thing. I am given two choices: Cancel, or Do It Now. So I cancel.

And as soon as I click to another page, it happens again--after a several-second delay, the dialog box pops up, and I cancel it again.

Now, lurking on this dialog box is a nice little checkbox that you can check off, which is labeled: Don't Remind Me Again Today.

Aha, I say, and click the little checkbox. And then... well, I have to click Cancel. And of course, Cancel normally means 'ignore everything I did in this dialog box'. But maybe they've specialed-cased it. Because, if they haven't special-cased it, the checkbox is entirely worthless, because it will only work if you click 'Do It Now', and if you click 'Do It Now', it's not going to be reminding you again today anyway, is it?

So I click Cancel, and go to another page...

And several seconds later the same dialog box pops up.

Fucking fucking fuckers*.

*This is what I say when I'm too pissed off to try to think of actual other swear words up with which to mix it. Just consider each of the first two words as yet-another intensifier.
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