not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Tuesday "night" I was up really late working on a geeky programming project which I'll post about soon, blowing off watching the netflix movie sitting there (I try to watch them the same day they arrive to maximize the number I watch). Up so late that I decided that the thing to do to get back on a normal schedule was just to stay up all day. Wednesday morning I added some tracks to an "already finished" sketchbook entry. Went into work for about six hours. Came home, did some stuff. Logged on ifmud around 8, and commented on #insomnia around 9 that I could just see that, despite staying up all night, I wasn't actually tired and was just going to end up staying up until 4am again that night, ad not actually fix my schedule.

I was right.

Anyway, was one of the very earliest subscribers to, early enough that only one of my friends was on it when I signed up. (Two people on my friends list are friends of the guy who runs it, so it was a short hop.) And then the site was down, so I never actually posted mine.

If nothing else, this shows how nice it would be if the LJ interest matcher actually worked.

skamille 95%
inkylj 95%
amgb2 95%
tablesaw 92%
orenr 91%
sunyata__ 87%
maga_dogg 87%
rwx 86%
aussie_nyc 84%
fourcoffees 83%
storme 81%
llaird 80%
tritia 80%
emshort 80%
peglegpete 77%
grunk 77%
zeppo 76%
shadesong 72%
dawn_guy 72%
rollick 70%
sylphon 61%
How compatible with me are YOU?
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