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2x game night; buffy

My friend Art is going to move to Austin in a couple weeks, so he threw a game night on Saturday. Then, I don't know why, Mahk threw a game afternoono on Sunday. On Saturday, I borrowed first season Buffy DVDs from Mahk; I watched a few Saturday night, then stayed up little late Sunday night and finished the marathon. (I watched them all at once because... I'm a goof.)

On Buffy, yeah, it's fun. I appreciate the humor, I like a couple that had some really unexpected twists. The ones where it was kind of obvious where it was going and it just went there and nothing much happened were a little disappointing, especially in the face of the ones where it was kind of obvious where it was going and it just went there and then there was a twist (in contrast to ones where it looks like it's going one way, and then it goes a different way, e.g. if there's a mystery and you think person A is the bad guy and then person A turns up dead, which is just the least interesting kind of surprise). But even that aside, the writing is smart, the jokes are sometimes funny, and there are not-exactly-funny moments that work as funny pretty well, in part because of the way the actors played them. And some nice out moments at the ends.

Favorite episode: the one with the ventriloquist's dummy. Least favorite episode: the preying mantis one, I think. (Although maybe I'm blanking out one I liked even less.)

We had five playing at Art's, and played Web of Power and Alhambra. At Mahk's just three of us; we had a Reiner Knizia day, playing Maginor and Tigris & Euphrates. Web of Power seems like scoring is way too complicated and indirect; we were all playing strategies without really knowing what we were doing, what it would really mean.

For example, at the very end, nobody had entered England, and there were no other moves left, so the person before me just discarded and drew. I said, 'who knows, what the heck', and went in. That let Art, sitting to my left, get an adviser, which, had I bothered stopping the game for five minutes to work out the scoring, I would have realized was way more points than I was going to get, and I would have won easily, instead of coming in an incredibly close second. Alhambra was more interesting, but it felt too randomized--there didn't seem to be much of a way to plan, at least with five players, because there was no way to know which color of building would come up for which color of money. Perhaps with three it would be better. (I also came in second, largely on the strength of having a 10-long wall the first scoring round. I had the lead in green and brown buildings near the end, but then the last two green came up and I didn't have the right money to get them.)

Maginor was interesting, but the three player dynamic led to a certain amount of two players battling it out while the other was by himself. I won it somehow, kind of unexpectedly. Tigris & Euphrates definitely had that effect--Art and Mahk ended up battling on one side of the board while I slowly and awkwardly grew on the other--it was only my second time playing, and the first had probably been a year ago, so I screwed lots of stuff up. I was desperate for black the whole game--hardly got any in my draws--and low on red as well, despite only playing a few fending off coups. But I did manage to get four treasures. We play a weird house rule where every complete set of victory points, you have to make public (but not treasures)--the official scoring, without tiebreaking, is isomorphic to 'how many complete sets you have'.

Art and Mahk were ahead of me for most of the game--their battlings gave them extra points I wasn't getting, and I was so short on black I was building up tons of green and blue--especially after I ended up with two monuments (getting a green and a blue, and then two green, a blue and a black)--one because someone couped and built himself, but I was able to force back out. Anyway, at the end, Mahk said "things aren't ever going to get better for me" and discarded all this tiles to force the game to end, which was sad because I was next and was about to end it by grabbing one more treasure and one more red, possibly giving me a victory. As things turned out, we moved our screens, and each of the other guys had like five or eight unmatched victory points, or one complete set each, whereas I had over 20--something like 12+ green, 5 blue, and 4 treasures. This gave me two extra full sets, and a tie with Mahk at 10 full sets (Art had 9 and was short only one color for 10), or formally, 10 of the least color. Our second least was tied at 10 as well, and then the third least, my blue obviously kicked butt. So a surprising win out of nowhere, mainly because they didn't pick on me. In fact, Mahk scolded Art for not playing disasters on me several turns earlier when I was vulnerable--Art ended up with a disaster left over unplayed--Mahk had played both of his during his wars with Art--but since Mahk and I ended up so close to tied in the end, I don't think you can really argue that Art "obviously" should have tried to slow me down.
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