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Election and Wild Things

So I'm just picking lots of random movies I didn't see in the past. I'd love to just get great ones, but half the time it's like Schindler's List--it's not out yet; and then again, I don't want to watch all the great ones and then when that's done watch all the middling or crappy ones, and I know I'll be getting to crappy ones. I should probably put more effort into making a better mix-up, rather than having them just come along at random with multiple good ones and then multiple not so good ones, but oh well.

Wild Things

Way back, I read the "summary" of this on Rod Hilton's The Editing Room and it sounded familiar, like something I had seen five minutes of on cable, so then when I was browsing screenplays a few years ago I spotted it and pulled it down and read it. I thought it had some nicely arranged twists/reversals, so I figured I should actually see how it came out on film.

It came out pretty well. A few things were screwed up: the first murder scene, in the script (as I recall, many years later) they were more clear about Matt Dillon taking Neve Campbell somewhere out of the view of Denise Richards--the fact that she doesn't see the details being important to the plot. It wasn't so clear in the movie.

The very last scene (after the credits start running), with Bill Murray--I don't remember if it was in the script, but it shouldn't have been in the movie, because it amounts to the other character leaving a thread hanging which could be traced, and also leaves open the possibility of blackmail; so it's out of character. I get the feeling it was done out of an urge to tie all the characters together.


I was mainly curious about this because I can't look at Matthew Broderick without thinking Ferris Bueller, and here he is in high school again. So I wanted to see how that would play out. I was able to stop seeing him as Ferris Bueller, but I dunno, I wasn't impressed with the movie overall. There were only a few moments that I found funny at all, and the plot seemed awfully pat; the way it was driven by Broderick's character's concern over straying didn't work for me since his (risk of) straying didn't seem particularly motivated.
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