not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Watched almost all of Buffy season 2 on Saturday--the rest I had watched the night before.

I'm not sure why I'm making these spoiler free, habit I guess.

Spike and Drusilla were way more entertaining than the Master. The Buffy/Angel relationship got old really fast; fortunately they threw a spanner in the works after not too long. It felt like it had about the same number of clunky lame freak-of-the-week episodes as season 1, but since it's twice as many episodes, that's not bad at all. (I was disappointed with the end-of-season sacrifice Buffy "has" to make, since it really didn't seem clearly set up to me that that was the only solution. And why did Spike drive off if he didn't want the outcome that would occur if Buffy lost?)

I was surprised when the mid-season big baddy--the Judge--was defeated using exactly the method I thought of earlier as "oh, if I were writing it, I'd have it work out this way", given certain things they'd said about how hard to defeat he'd be, but wasn't expecting them to actually do that. Elsewhere, the appearance of another Slayer was cutely surprising and yet appropriate, but seemed a little un-thought out (e.g. how long would she have had to have been in training before really being the chosen one... also 'from each generation'?!?).

Least favorite episodes: "bad eggs" (played out in pretty much exactly the obvious way), and the one with the monsters from the black lagoon (because I saw the "surprise" coming, and because the whole coach/steroid thing was just TOO dopey). Favorite... maybe "Passion", the one where they revoke Angel's invitation to their houses. (Odd inconsistency... Had he really gotten permission to enter Giles'? If so, why didn't anyone put it on the list of things needing revoking? Not that this really affects the plot directly.)
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