not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Watched all of Buffy season 3 over the weekend.

Mayor: way less interesting than Spike and Drusilla.
Angel's back: sigh
Angel & Buffy arc: lame [I just don't buy the Angel & Buffy relationship and never have. It's too 'I knew I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you']
Xander & Willow arc: good job, and hence the Xander & Cordelia arc and the Oz & Willow arc as well
Vampire Willow: very cool the first time, but I was like, they have to have her come back, there's a lot of potential to play on there, and apparently they thought so too; I'm impressed that they weren't tempted to keep her around for multiple episodes.

Wesley the new watcher: lame
The Buffy-turns-18 test: lame. (How could she possibly have survived it if she'd done it "right", without taking her weapons?)
Zeppo--the Xander-centered episode--seemed a little goofy to me, especially the Angel & Buffy material, until I realized the non-Xander material was pretty much a parody of Buffy
Faith--ok, but I wasn't convinced, especially of the dark side transition
Fav episode: Lovers Walk, the episode where Spike returns, had a huge number of laugh-out-loud bits; definitely the one I enjoyed the most in the moment
I was SO rolling my eyes in Enemies when Angel turned bad--I mean, the relationship irritates me, but I figured they knew better than to be as boring as to go back there AGAIN, so I appreciated the twist even if it seemed all too simple.
Least favorite episode: Gingerbread, the one with the two dead children and the witch hunt
Band Candy: if you just want to kidnap and feed on four babies, there have to be simpler ways
New version of title tune: not as good as the original. In first season on a commentary track, Joss mentioned that there was a bit of a problem with the timing in the original, and that they updated it. I sat there repeatedly listening to it, counting it off, and never heard any tempo errors. As I listened to it, though, I started noticing and appreciating some subtleties, like the way in the last section the two guitars play riffs in slightly different rhythms, so there's some nice internal motion. In the new version, that internal motion is gone (presumably it wasn't supposed to be that way?), and the cheesy pipe organ at the start has become more of a thinner rock organ through a slight distortion, which means it sounds more like an Emerson Lake & Palmer song than a Cheesy Horror Movie Intro being rock. Also, the drummer no longer plays eighth notes on the bass drum so there's a lot less forward propulsion.
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