not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

July 6th: GameDay report

Art is moving to Austin Texas--has already moved, really, but came back for a bit to arrange moving his stuff, and held a final in-the-city game day on Sunday.

When we (guest star Casey Muratori and myself) arrived, Doug Church, guest star Robin Hunicke, Steve Smoot (the son of the famed MIT Smoot), and somebody I hadn't met before and whose name I've already forgotten were three tiles into a game of Carcasonne Hunters & Gatherers. We fired up Carolus Magnus, which I'd never played before but is very reminiscent of Maginor. It's very weird as the mostly random influx of colors forces you to shift strategies; I'd ended up with a giant block of joined territories, eventually reaching to eight or so, but constantly in danger of losing them since I was constantly losing control of the tons of crates paladins in it. At one point earlier I pointed out to Casey that if Art took the big block (which was like 5 or so at the time) he'd win, so Casey actually stopped and took away the lead from Art on one color, and didn't take away the lead from me on another that he could have. Later, people stopped watching closely for preventing me from winning, and I coasted into taking over a two-castle territory, despite my big block being totally undefended.

Then we played a big game of all-people-present "Landlord", which is a pretty random beer-and-pretzels card game, which I won brutally (60 pts, next nearest 45 or so), mostly due to getting lucky cards, and only building one-story buildings so people couldn't place squatters or very usfully bomb/evict me. But basically all luck, and people not ganging up on the scourge enough, because they were all goofing off and chatting. Afterwards I was harassed by one person, who'd found my web journal around the time when I was bemoaning that I wasn't merely not winning all the games at game night, but actually coming in brutally last in all of them, harassed for having won both games yet claiming that I never won.

Then we split up again, and I played Traders of Genoa, which I'd played once ot twice before but not in a while. Chris and Jen had shown up, with their baby Clementine, and were trying to play as a team, but seemingly missed half the rules and were often distracted and often didn't do any actions at all during the first few rounds. I was playing a pretty opportunistic strategy, based on what I had drawn and getting lots of 1:1 trades which I kept forgetting I could use to trade anything, not just crates for crates. Art was scourging early with the first large order, and never lost the sense of him being the scourge; the person opposite me, Doug, was gathering and trading for privelege cards like mad, but he otherwise kept getting distracted talking to Robin next to him, who was playing Maginor. Chris and Jen had placed quite a few owner-tokens, and so kept getting a lot of ten dollar ducat bills--every one else was making change periodically, but they weren't paying attention, so when we nearly ran out at the end, that turned out to be why. We cashed in owner tokens, and Doug's 250+ ducats of privilege cards, and then performed Mahk's ANSI-standard brutal countdown, countup really. (Everyone counts simulataneous amounts, dropping out when they can't keep up with everyone else.)

Final totals, I forget if they were six hundreds or four hundreds, but assuming the former: Chris and Jen had 665, I had 635, Art and Doug both had 630. We were totally amazed the game was that close, and that C&J had pulled out the win. Meanwhile, the other group had switched to Dragon's Gold, and Robin won it, despite reportedly not paying much attention, having gotten a majority of 3 colors as well as a fair amont of silver. (Apparently Mahk played the card that swaps the loot decision on a split he wasn't involved in, in an attempt to randomize his enemies, and this took Smoot's majorities in two colors away, giving one of them to Robin.)
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