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A meme seemingly started by amgb2, or at least he didn't attribute an origin.

In chronological order from memory.

fin9901 - I went to visit St. Terri from talk.bizarre just after New Year's in 1992. Finrod and microwiz and Carneggy came up for a couple of hours (well, Carneggy for longer). I don't remember much of their visit.

merde - At my house in Hyattsville MD in 1992 during my last year at the University of Maryland, College Park. St. Terri, was visiting me in return; she was good net-friends (not sure about non-net) with meredith so she invited her over for dinner. I can still remember us crowded around the table in the dinky dining room in that place (which I shared with 3 friends).

boutell, brokensymmetry, dawn_guy, fredfred?, glaucon, gooley, morrisa, palecur, ronebofh - At HITT.BOB, a talk.bizarre party (or rather, Outrageous Blowout) at morrisa and tritone's house in Berkeley in 1993. (merde was there too, but I don't think we talked.) My recollection of meetings is boutell, the echeverris, and glaucon on the deck out back; I don't remember meeting dawn although I remember seeing her there; similarly gooley. I assume Zvi was there but I can't actually recall him, and Morrisa was probably in the kitchen when I met her, although I recall more clearly that she was the last person I saw there before I left to go find Bart.

tritone - At OAK, the Oakland airport, scant minutes before the above event; nj was waiting for me at the gate with a sign with my name on it, IIRC. I wasn't sure who he was at the time (I had requested party limo service without knowing who was doing it); I think he introduced himsel quickly and I missed it, but I figured it out eventually.

askesis - At my apartment in College Station, TX in 1994 (or maybe late 1993?). We knew each other through talk.bizarre, and given we were both in the same town, it seemed foolish not to hook up. I don't remember what we did that first night.

dfan - At the LookingGlass Technologies office in Burlingame (I think it was) MA in spring of 1994, when I went up for a coupe of days to interview. I don't actually remember my first meeting with him, or whether/when he interviewed me--I knew him online from talk.bizarre. I stayed at a motel right next door, but I believe I went home with dfan one day and went and saw his band play and spent the night sleeping at his house, the house of Ten Dumb Guys.

yong_mi - I first met yong-mi at the t.bob that dfan and I sort of threw in Somerville MA. I forget what year. I believe she was at dfan's and I showed up and met her there. I don't remember what we did first. (But I do remember breaking dfan's futon sofa.)

caitlinburke - Technically, she and I were both at HITT.BOB, but I don't remember her from it. Sometime in 1999 or 2000 I was at a conference at SFO, and she drove down, we went electronics shopping, and then we went back up for dinner with...

artmonstergirl for whom I guess I had already recorded voices for flash animations by then. The three of us had dinner at, hmm, some place that served steaks, I'm fairly certain.

dwenius - The next year, at the next corresponding conference, I had made arrangements to visit canetoad, but I got there late and ended up just saying hi to her and dwenius before heading off to visit merde again.

pobig - I guess it was in late 2001 that ilana's brother Oren picked up pobig (they were total strangers to each other, but Oren had suggested I invite anyone I knew) and drove up to Oakland, where the three of us got together and went to be in the audience for a BattleBots recording. We met at West Oakland station to catch the bus to "Treasure Island", the island at the middle of the Bay Bridge where the event was held.

pbmath, limax pbmath came to the Bay Area in 2002; a bunch of us ifmudders met up at Zachary's in Berkeley to eat pizza and chat about stuff, very little of which I remember, except that afterwards we went to Starbucks which was actually the first time I'd ever been in one.

If I met you and you're not on the list, my apologies; since I sorted this chronologically it wouldn't be hard for somebody to slip through the cracks.
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