not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

dream log

First, there was this guy and his son. We were down in the lobby of the building, which was like a big hotel lobby. I lived on the third floor--looking up, I could see my apartment, which overlooked the lobby--and without a window or anything, it just was wide open (with a railing or something). The guy and his son lived below me, on the second floor.

I went up to my apartment and went in--the door was wide open--and there was this dog there. I realized that, oops, I psyched myself into getting off on the second floor. I went back out and up the stairs and into my apartment, but the dog followed me. Then the dog jumped over the railing down to the lobby, which I thought was going to hurt it (dumb dog, didn't know it was on the third floor), but it was fine

Different dream; after various shenanigans, somebody I knew told me that someone from a larger circle of friends/acquantiances of ours wanted smoochies with me. Well, cool. Then this guy I didn't know too well wanted me to come downstairs (different place) and see something important, so I went with. He asked if I'd ever played, hmm, 'wimbleball' I think it was, which I think I interpreted as volleyball, and said, sure, I know the rules, but I've never really played. He hustled around trying to find equipment and stuff, and eventually it became clear that it was actually table tennis he was trying to set up. Also, it eventually dawned on me that this was the someone who wanted smoochies with me.

Then we were back upstairs and there was this woman I was interested in, and I was trying to figure out what to do, when the guy who was trying to hit on me before showed up, and he and the woman went off together to the mall or some such. Someone else was like "wow, it's so cool they got together, they're perfect for each other", and I complained bitterly.
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