not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

movie effin' log

Been falling way behind on this again.

Ratings from -4 to 4.

  • Manhattan: 0
  • Hidden Fortress: 2
  • Bound: 0
  • Casablanca: 2
  • Lost in America: -1
  • Miller's Crossing: 1


Woody Allen dates the far too young Mariel Hemingway, then Diane Keaton. I don't really remember the details too well now, but as best I can recall, it wasn't that funny, and the central relationship is just way, way, way too disturbing. Rating (-4 to 4): 0

Hidden Fortress

Two adventurous peasants fall in with a renegade princess and her general. (Star Wars began life by ripping off this plot, although over rewrites the storyline changed and the general became a farmboy.) Uh, I don't remember why I judged this the way I did, exactly. The moment where Mifune is chasing down the horseman and finds himself somewhere he doesn't want to be is golden; the comic-relief money-grubbing peasants seem just a little too one-dimensional. Rating (-4 to 4): 2


A lesbian ex-con plans a scam with her next-door neighbor. This was the movie the Wachowski brothers did before the Matrix, and some of the same things show: it's all full of stuff that is cool even if it's not exactly all that important. Uh... guess what? I forget the details. Rating (-4 to 4): 0

Lost in America

Albert Brooks and Julie Hagerty get in an RV and drive around. Basically, Albert Brooks' sense of humor just doesn't appeal to me, and the movie spent far too much time milking the same thing repetitively. I did like how there was a one-two punch in the down-and-out sequence, although it kind of hurt the pacing of the movie. Rating (-4 to 4): -1

Miller's Crossing

Gabriel Byrne is a mob boss' advisor who ends up switching sides. I enjoyed the acting and the oddity of Byrne's character, his matter-of-fact-ness and unwillingness to compromise. I, uh, forget most of the details of my reaction. Rating (-4 to 4): 1

I'm only just now hitting about 250 rentals total, after a year and a half.

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