not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Just got back from going stargazing with Chris, up in the hills towards Walnut Creek. Chris has a telescope, so we got a decent look at Mars with that, a nice look at the Pleadeis with binoculars, I couldn't make anything of the Andromeda galaxy with either, and a look at a pair of stars... I don't know if they're an actual binary (you couldn't resolve that with binoculars, could you?) but they were at extremes of color difference.

Also, I forgot to review Casablanca in my last movie post....


An important figure in the French Resistance comes to Casablanca seeking to escape the Germans. Of course I knew that "play it, Sam" was from this movie, but I hadn't known that all the other Bogart bits I've heard are too--"here's looking at you kid" and beyond. There were some humorous bits that I laughed at, and of course there's a romance and there's action, but for the most part it's really all about Bogart's character, the cynicism and decency, the ambiguity of what he's going to do. Some of it is a bit too broad and cliched--the resitance leader himself is bland and uninteresting and we never convincing believe that he really needs what's-her-name to get by, but I was willing to go along with that. While I liked the movie a lot, issues like that and some awfully low-budget looking things (and the piano player not even attempting to look like he's really playing piano) keep this from hitting the upper marks. But all-in-all good acting and nice stringing us along with the revelation about why she left him. Rating (-4 to 4): 2
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