not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

song title request

My friends Chris & Jen are going out of town this weekend, so I'm going to housesit/catsit for them, although really what I'm going to be doing is recording another 24-hour album, this time with access to my drum kit.

Because I'm generally very slow at coming up with ideas for lyrics, I've used crutches for both of my previous ones; "Doppleganger: Frenzy" reused titles from an old Split Enz album; "Font of Wisdom"'s song names were all names of fonts made by the guy who runs the Album-A-Day project. (Not because I was sucking up; just because I was looking at them and thought, "hey, this would be a good source of song titles".)

So I thought this time I would try canvassing the world at large for song titles. Just submit one or more as a comment to this entry.Try not to make the title too vague or too specific; it needs to inspire me without forcing my hand. (Consider "I Suck At Golf", which is very specific in one level, but without really saying what the song is going to be about. Looking at these songs should give you some idea of what I find accessible--but the last four were poor choioces on my part.) Titles lending themselves to humor: good. Titles that have a joke in the title: not so good.

By sumbitting titles, you accept that I may (OR MAY NOT) use your suggestion as a song title. You promise not to complain if I use your title and you feel compelled to download it to hear it and it turns out to be total and utter crap (the AAD project does not allow the author to leave out songs just because they came out bad).

The more the better, since then I can choose selectively the ones that inspire me the most. And if I don't end up using them this weekend, I may for some future one.
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