not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

24-hour-album "Suggest A Title" complete

Ok, just finished going through and checking the mixes of all the songs. Technically I hit 26 hours, but I decided to go to bed for a bit last night because I couldn't tell I wasn't going to do well, and I set the alarm for 4 hours and as far as I can tell it never went off. (It's not my alarm, it's Chris or Jen's, since I'm staying at their place). So I overslept by about two hours, so I went ahead for an extra hour of recording plus an hour of mixing.

I won't be able to upload until Monday or Tuesday, but here's the track list:

This is in the order I recorded them. Note what happens to the song lengths:

  • Girl Named Nothing 2:41
  • Two Chickens a Day 2:55
  • You Are Unique 3:30
  • What Precisely Is It You Expect Me To Believe? 2:02
  • Bathtub Blues: Tale of a Tub 0:54
  • Roswell Eyes (instrumental) 2:20
  • The Only Thing I Didn't Know 2:20
  • Casual Pants 1:16
  • Under the Sofa 1:48
  • Tremolo 1:50
  • Off the Top of My Head 1:30

Some observations: I guess either I was more inspired the first time I tried this, or else the assembly line approach that I used that time is much more productive; I only got 11 songs instead of 14, and only 23 minutes instead of 45 (similar to the 12-hour album #2). Also, one thing I didn't realize when I made this plan is that I have no speakers here. Wearing headphones for 24 hours is... umm... not fun.
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