not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I've never gone trolling for search engine hits on my web page, but my current host provides them automatically in the stats, and I find this particularly amusing because, well, they mostly apply... but often backwards.

  • c sucks My tired old rant about C++ is Google's #1 hit for "C++ sucks" (and it doesn't show anywhere for "C sucks", so I think this is being misreported). However, the article is from the POV of C++ sucking compared to C, and I'm sure people searching it are looking for C++ sucking compared to, oh, Java or Scheme or what have you
  • volumetric fog I actually have an article about this
  • micropayment One of my biggest referrer entries is a Scott McCloud "column" that links to my anti-micropayment article--but I bet anyone searching for "micropayment" is probably looking for the opposite. Seventh on google.
  • christmas poem This is my absolute favorite, because I don't think anybody will be happy with this. Can't find it on Google.
  • capsule game I have no idea what a capsule game is. I have a bunch of mini-game reviews that I refer to as "capsule game reviews", which of course gets a phrase match
  • sean barrett Eighteen searches for this in the last 30 days?! Hopefully they're looking for me and not the author of GURPS Lensmen
  • minesweeper tactics embarassingly enough: Minesweeper: Advanced Tactics
  • code reuse Probably not looking for this talk.bizarre post
  • longest escalator In Boston I used to go up and down the escalator at the Porter Square T station every day, which I mentioned in my old journal was (I think) the longest one anywhere on the T. It is the seventh hit on Google.
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