not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I just watched Two Towers extended edition.

Also, over Christmas at my mother's, my brother and I wrote and recorded this wacky thing (1.8 MB 56Kbps mono mp3) which is: not xmasy at all, and was recorded on a boom box, and is a lot of disparate sections that don't really work as one long thing.

0:00 Dave: steel-string acoustic with drone Sean: classical acoustic bass notes
0:05 Dave: steel-string (low) Sean: classical (high)
0:15 Dave: steel-string + drone Sean: classical lead
0:41 Dave: classical lead Sean: steel-string rhythm
1:10 Dave: steel-string riff Sean: 12-string lead
1:52 Dave: steel-string high Sean: 12-string low (although really, with the octave-doubling, my part is also higher)
2:23 Dave: 12-string rhythm Sean: steel-string lead
2:47 Dave: steel-string lead Sean: 12-string rhythm
3:25 Dave: 12-string rhythm Sean: steel-string lead
3:53 Dave: (drone) steel-string acoustic Sean: classical
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