not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

gear greed

I haven't bought new music gear in a while, since I haven't really had the income to justify it. (Oh for the good old days of near 6-figure income.) However, 1.5 Album-a-day's ago, my punch in/out pedal broke. (The digital recorder also lets me explicitly program punch in/out locations, which is more accurate, but much more tedious UI.) Then on the plane flight back from Maryland, my headphone plug got bent and snapped off (I had it plugged into the arm to listen to cockpit chatter, and I was in the aisle, and kept having to get up to let them go to the bathroom, and one or more times I or they push against the plug while it was plugged in). I've tried to fix them, by attaching a new plug, but the connection is imperfect.

Also, for AADs, I've only been using the onboard effects in my recorder, and it can only do two stereo effects (supposedly four mono, but I've never found a way to do that). And I've been having fun with AADs so I wanted to encourage that. So I just bought online:
  • an effects expansion board (another 2 stereo effect channels)
  • a punch in/out pedal
  • two pairs of headphones (I really like this particular model, so I'm buying an extra before they go out of stock)
  • guitar strings
  • a capo (I have one, but it's wonky)
  • a slider
  • two guitar stands
I already have a ton of guitar stands, but I'm one short, and an extra one will make it easier to move guitars betwee rooms.

Next AAD will not be until this equipment comes in.
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