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Went to game night last night--a huge turn-out, twelve people. We had to split up across multiple games. Other people played a couple games of a weird movie card game whose name I have forgotten now and can't find googling, and a game of Wiz War. I played in a six-player game of Citadel (came in second on a gamble--on the last round I had the perfect chance to assassinate the #1 player and tried to win instead, hoping one of the other people would do it), a four-player game of Filthy Rich (lost soundly), and a three-player game of Filthy Rich (won by a large margin). I'm not too keen on Filthy Rich after only two plays.

The first game I never saw any non-business cards until near the end, and the second game I almost never had any business cards at all--I went through the first four rounds or so with only one business--on page four, where it wasn't getting hit. I only won because of a combination of a lot of luck--the second and last business I set up from my hand was Murphy's Fish House, and it got hit an awful lot--and one strategic move which was pretty darn obvious (using the 'steal-a-business' card to steal Stern's whatchamacallit, which had been pumped up to being worth 4 despite only costing me one to steal).

I only ever owned three businesses over the course of the game (despite being told that strategically, you generally want to go for a quick score and sell when taxes come around), only two of which were played from the crappy cards I got in my hand. At some point, I had a certain amount of cash in my hand, and I had no businesses I could set up, and I think maybe this was the turn I stole Stern's whatever; but with the money (<$15) I had at hand I bought a cheap luxury at 8. Then the next round I suddenly had a lot of money, and bought a luxury in the 12-17 range (I forget now). And the next round, when we got to the turn of the player before me, I had $34 so even if he could have bought the $19 luxury he couldn't have stopped me.

Now, maybe this was just an insanely-far-off-the-standard-deviation game, but the other game, with four players, I kept finding myself with almost no options for placing businesses without covering, and didn't really have much fun at all. So, verdict after only two plays--way too much standard deviation due to the Settlers of Catan-style money distribution, and the page-flipping can be incredibly frustrating--e.g. spending the first four rounds with my only business on page four--and havng none of the players ever be on page four to roll on it.
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