not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I nominate the below-illustrated physical object for the user-interface hall of shame.

This is a store-brand bottle of cold medicine I bought a few days back. It looked very similar to a different one I'd bought earlier, which had fewer ingredients in it. The directions for that one were in a particular place on the label, so I immediately looked at the same location on the new one to see what the dosage was. It wasn't there.

After further investigation, I couldn't find it anywhere!

The bottle has only three sides:

The top of the front side kindly informs us that this is a new printing of the label, with new information! Apparently that new information squeezed off the directions entirely!

Here's the first side of the informational label--it doesn't matter whether you read it closely or not, you won't find anything there.

Here's the final side of the informational label; the directions on the older bottle were halfway down this side. But there's nothing here.

Can you guess what the directions are for this? Maybe the attached cup implies the dosage size and period? Nope.

Scroll down for the secret...

You might notice a curious instruction in that last picture--one that doesn't tell you why or what you might find, and thus didn't draw my eye when I was specifically searching for 'directions'. Those instructions say: "peel back here".

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