not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Twenty random songs (generated from my 5-CD player and 80 of my most-often played CDs, rather than an mp3 system), the favorite lines from them. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to guess the artist/songs.

Songs that have been determined (here or on ifMUD) are marked.

1. all of the robots around it are dying, craving emotions and constantly fighting
2. es un ritmo oculto, magico
3. I never thought I'd follow through
4. and every little lie I told keeps dragging me down
5. and honey don't you ever try to walk away from my love (loving?)
DONE 6. And in the beating of your heart, there is another beating heart
7. it's okay to kill in the name of democracy / and dictators are swell if they like the smell of American money
8. play it loud when you're all alone
9. you said you'd kill me if I was late
DONE 10. the deck is uneven right from the start
11. you know that you're sleeping and you're sure that you're sleeping
DONE 12. redundant redundant redun... dant redundant redundant redundant redundant redundant...
DONE 13. and everything depends upon how near you stand to me
14. send three bucks to a comic book, get a house, car, and wife
DONE 15. as much as I would like to stay / the message light just blinks away / and while I'm here you won't push play
16. you tell me that you're un-boyfriend-able
DONE 17. what am I supposed to do? I lost my shit because of you
DONE 18. it was the Violent Femmes and the Del Fuegos
19. if there's a better reason to jump for joy, who cares?
20. he can probably skip the "until death" part

Several repeated artists, but that's what randomness gets you.

A few more from albums not chosen at random, but songs chosen at random:

DONE 21. Where are the sharks? Where are the sharks? Where are the SHARKS?
22. if I could kill without guilt or sin, there'd soon be a few less record executives
DONE 23. I got nobody on my side, and surely that ain't right
24. Idiots, authority promising equality--so where is the land of the free?
DONE 25. No one will tell what all this is about / But I will find out
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