not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Here are my results from the other ifmudders lyrics challenges. The first number is how many I could identify on my own; the second number is how many of the ones I didn't identify that are in my collection (for those which have been publically identified):

2 (0) duchez
0 (0) trentm
1.5 (0.5) jackbishop (i could sing one, but had to google to figure out what it was)
0 (0) ooshiny
0 (0) emily (friends-locked)
0 (1) oren (friends-locked)
0 (0) joenotcharles
0 (0) jfpbookworm
1 (0) fourcoffees
3 (2) storme
0 (0) roody
2 (2) off_coloratura
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