not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

So somebody I watch recently posted answers to a quiz that's been going around on LJ for seemingly months. The second half of it is a bunch of "five thing" questions, one of which is "five things I'd buy with $10,000". So here's a variant on that question: how I would spend $10K, $50K, $250K, $1M, and $10M.


Ten grand isn't much, since it's less than the savings I'm currently living on. I'd probably spend it on improving the artwork for one of my shareware games.


This would roughly double my current savings. I could use it to extend my independent development by some amount of time, or equivalently, I wouldn't need to do any consulting until I get my current planned games done (as things stand, I would). I'd probably also spend $5K or so on some musical equipment. Also improve the game art some.


I'd definitely get a car. Ideally, I'd buy a house if I could find something cheap enough--I'd prefer to get a mortgage but without any income it would be unlikely I guess, but in practice I will get a good-paying job before this would become an issue. I'd pump $10 or $20K into musical equipment.


Car, house, and use it to live off of and fund whatever random game stuff I want to do. Alternately, save it all and live off the interest.


Car, house, and fund a small team to develop a computer game for $1-3M. give away $1M to family&friends, $250K as patron to certain people to get them to do their "art" full time for a year, $5M into the bank to generate interest to live off of.
Tags: meme
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