not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I posted about this earlier because I was really surprised at the results, but then it turned out I had a bug in my code and the results are a lot less surprising, much more what I'd expect. But in case somebody saw the earlier post while Chef cluster was locked for three hours and I couldn't delete it, here's a bug-free (I think) explanation.

This is the first four lines of "You Aren't a Chef" from my last 24-hour album. The green lines are my guesses at the intended pitches.

The results aren't all that surprising... I slide between notes way too much I think (although I guess I need to see what's normal, but e.g. the section at 5 seconds), I overshoot and fall back, and I end up flat a lot. (But then I'm sharp on the last phrases... although I pretty much nailed the highest note, which is near the top of my range.)

I'm kind of surprised at the amplitude of the vibrato for the two places where I really applied any.. the one at 17 seconds starts flat but does end up centered correctly, but it swings up and down by three-quarters of a step in each direction.
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