not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I was really tired by the time I posted that Buffy post (which took me way longer than I meant it to). So here are some (tiny!) plot comments I forgot:

  • There's a significant inconsistency in terms of the plot meme 'the musical causes people to say things they wouldn't normally, which has plot consequences because other people HEAR IT'; the principle is demonstrated in "I'll Never Tell", and then comes in crucially for Buffy's revelation in "Something to Sing About". However, "Standing" and its reprise duet with Tara mysteriously have them revealing their feelings, sung in the direction of the person those feelings are too, and being mysteriously unheard.

    You could try some theory like "it's only heard if they're also in the song too", but that leaves open why who is in a given song (the Scoobies jump into Buffy's song at the end); and it clearly doesn't account for the case of Spike singing to Buffy who clearly hears him (and Tara to Willow originally). So I think it's just inconsistent. (Or you can say the rule is: it's only heard if the other person is in the song, or if it's something they've heard before. But that's a dumb and inconsistent rule.)

  • Huh what, they defeated the bad guy? Spike stops Buffy, Willow bristles with power. That's a defeat?
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