not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Whoa, I hadn't checked my "changes in friends" in a while. Welcome you random new people. I've friended most of you back, but don't feel the need to stalk through my archives looking for friends-locked posts; there are almost (but not quite) 0 of them.

For those of you I didn't friend back, or those of you who have friended me for a long time and I haven't friended back: sorry, but you're boring what you write doesn't interest me very much, or you make very long posts without cut tags.

Another surprise in my changes in friends list: soren unfriended me. But I guess that's not surprising, since I know I'm boring. (This isn't a matter of LJ drama; soren and I have never even met. Just thought it would be only fair to mention it for the sake of balance.)

Also some random person I've never heard of unfriended me (presumably Semagic skipped the add notification and got straight to the delete notification), which is too bad since the journal is friends-only so I wonder what dirt I'm missing! Except the part where it's not too bad since it appears to be crappy from the two non-friends-only posts. I think the name 'nothings' draws people who expect it to be either nihilistic or romantic, when actually it's a verb.

Update: also, sorry shadesong, but I just haven't been keeping up anyway, so better to be honest about it.
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