not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake


We finished up something (seeing a movie, maybe?) and I walked down the stairs to the main level of the mall. Then I walked down the length of it, looking for the exit. I walked a long way, and then finally there was a protuding section in the wall out to the outside--but in that section there were only stairs up and stairs down. I stepped back out and glanced back the way I'd come, and a woman was opening a door in the glass right next to the protruding section which led outside.

Despite having walked much of the length of the mall, I now had to walk rather far along the parking lot until I got to my car. I then drove off, looking for the people I had been with, who must have gotten out of the mall much quicker than me. I sped off down the main road looking for them, zipping along.

Someone (Joe?) stopped me in the road, said he hadn't seen them either, so we got back in and drove back again, looking for them.

I was playing a card game or something. There was something deeper going on which I've forgotten now. One pile of cards had a king of diamonds, a jack of diamonds, another king of diamonds, and another face card. I absolutely had to put an ace of diamonds on that pile, but I couldn't find an ace of diamonds anywhere. (had to at the compulsion level of 'the world will blow up if I don't', not that that was the actual plot). Then I was talking to this older man, but there was something sad going on. Then suddenly we were down to only four piles, each with a different ace on top, and I grabbed the ace of diamonds and put it on the pile with the two kings of diamonds. Then I was talking to the older man again, and I knew then that he had a brain tumor and wouldn't live long
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