not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Ok, I'm trying to cut back my posting frequency after this politics mess, but this is something that is, for me with my tastes, just too funny. You (except for you, maybe), will not find it as funny as I did, but maybe you will find it a little funny.

That on opening the shutter to admit the latter critter, in she'd
     flutter from the gutter with her bitter eyes a glitter;
So I opened the wide door, what was there? The dark weir and the drear
     moor,-or I'm a liar-the dark mire, the drear moor, the mere door and
     nothing more!
Then in stepped a stately raven, shaven like the bard of Avon; yes, a
     rovin' grievin' Raven, seeking haven at my door.
Yes, that shaven, rovin Raven had been movin' (Get me Stephen) for the
     warm and lovin' haven of my stove an' oven door-
Oven door and nothing more.


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