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one-time only political post

During the 2004 campaign, I often encountered Kerry backers saying, "My vote doesn't count — I live in Massachusetts" or "My vote doesn't count — I live in Texas." [...]

The first one's actual vote doesn't count for much — Kerry winning Massachusetts was a foregone conclusion. But she helped him simply by living in Massachusetts at the time of the census and swelling its electoral vote count. The second one's actual vote also doesn't count for much — Bush was sure to win Texas. But this guy actually hurt his candidate, simply by living in Texas and swelling the electoral vote count for Bush. The moral of the story is simple. If you're a liberal living in a red state, LEAVE.

Adam Cadre is a smart guy and a good writer (whose politics happen to be very close to mine) and he's finally figured out what he wants to say about the past election and the current US political situation.

These people are basically pushing for some moderate clerics to go up against the Republicans' hardline ones. They want me to vote for Mohammed Khatami to keep Ali Khamenei from ruling without restraint. But I would rather not live in an American version of Iran at all.

Read it here.

Update: I forgot to link to his LJ, adamcadre, where he posts announcements of new articles.

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