not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I've never given paypal a bank account, so I have a spending limit that I've been slowly eking away at--I'm down to $1200 left from $2000 starting around 4 years ago. I just went to check what it was while buying a webcomic book, and decided to sum up and answer the question "where have my paypal funds gone in the last 4 years?"

$495.61 misc personal/friends transfers
$60.51 IF stuff (DM4 book; City of Shadows game & feelies; IF timeline poster)
$50.00 silver spaceship software logo
$44.71 webcomic books (many Scary Go Round, Order of the Stick)
$40.00 misc donations (True Meaning of Life--used to be a Conversatron-like site, but no longer; Spinsanity)
$38.00 software related (metapad donation, Kingdom of Loathing donation, PC demo DVD (lame))
$30.00 ModernTales subscription
$25.00 LiveJournal payment before they took credit cards
$16.00 webcomic donations (demian5 (before this got you extra access), Scott McCloud access to a silly comic he never HAS put up for general audiences, Cat Garza, Diesel Sweeties)
$3.15 eBayed Lisa Germano CD
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