not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Particularly pleasing moments in the first 8 episodes of Buffy season 7:

  • Wow, two bands that I actually own CDs by. I think that's more than in the other six seasons combined. And Aimee Mann's bit actually integrated the vampire fight and she even got a line about it. Yay.
  • Another Anya musical number. Yay!
  • Buffy mentioning what Xander claimed Willow had said re: Angel way back in season whatever the hell it was. 2? However, no fall out other than Willow denying saying it. Yet.
  • The bit in Same Time Same Place where Spike chats with Willow while seeming crazy and then we re-see it from Buffy's POV (and it's still a bit crazy, but differently so)
  • General funniness. I laughed frequently. "To Serve Man" reference.
  • Some surprisingly tweaky bits, the main one I recall is Jonathan's "thirty-three point three bar percent" (I don't think I know anybody who would be geeky enough to say that, but still)
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