not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Compared to the people on my friends list doing this meme, I'm not much of a reader.

list of authors I've read 10+ books by

Shakespeare, if you count the plays as books.
Agatha Christie (I have no clue how many I actually read in my teens-my mother read them avidly and some of them trickled down to me)
Isaac Asimov, between foundation, the early robot books, the late robot books, and a few random early empire books
Stephen Brust, the draegera books plus a few spares
Glen Cook, The Black Company series plus an older trilogy
Roger Zelazny, although really, I just have all 10 Amber books collected in a single volume, so it hardly feels like 10
L. E. Modesitt, the Recluce series

Since that list is so short, here are some also-rans:

9 by Robert Jordan (fuck you, Robert Jordan, fuck you)
9 by Piers Anthony (thankfully I've never read a single Xanth book)
8 by Douglas Adams
7 by James Schmitz (although that's everything he wrote!)
7 by Samuel Delany
7 by C. S. Lewis
7 by Robert Heinlein
6 by Robin Hobb (although I see that's another pseudonym of the author also using 'Megan Lindholm', whose name I've seen go by associated with Brust, I guess they've collaborated, and I should check that out)

There may be a couple more tenners I'm forgetting; I can't just go to my bookshelves to look since a lot of books I read on loan from other people, and I also lost all my books in 1994 or so (although that was mostly just textbooks and the HHGG IIRC). Hmm, in fact, looking, I find I actually own nine Asimovs, I had forgotten that. I'm definitely forgetting others in the 6-9 range; I read a lot of SF from ages 10-18 out of my father's collection; but he had more breadth than depth.
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