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Pulp Fiction; Vertigo; The Fifth Element; Network; The Big Lebowski

Pulp Fiction

Well, stylish and cool. Sparkly dialog. But really,the triumph of style over substance, to me. The stories weren't all that surprising, the closure of ending up back at the diner was meaningless because the thing it was achieving closure with wasn't at all related to any of the other stories. So in the end I don't see what the fuss was. 3.5 stars, I guess, verging on 4--I mean, I did have fun. Although I don't know that I needed to watch John and Uma doing the twist for quite so long.


I've only seen a couple of HItchcock's movies--Rear Window being the most memorable--so it was about time I saw this "classic". After the big dramatic moment midway through the movie, and then the movie kept going, I guessed what the "twist" was, simply because I couldn't see where else the movie could meaningfully go, but I wasn't positive until later, and it all worked fine. Rockin'

The Fifth Element

3.5 stars, I guess, shading more towards 3--compare to Pulp Fiction; both of these movies were a triumph of style and fashion over substance, really. I actually enjoyed the way way over-the-top direction/camerawork. Goofy story, although having it degenerate into plain-old gun violence near the end pretty much ruined it feeling like something different. And the whole premise. Oh so goofy. Lots of nice little bits and images, though.


Syd Field raves about this movie in his screenwriters-must-read book Screenplay, so I figured I should see it. The most impressive thing is how the screenwriter managed to pull of some pretty insanely wacky and long monologues (and the director made them work, too). The plot I was kind of eh about; I have trouble with this kind of black comedy where only a few things are unbelievably implausible, as opposed to it being more consistently implausible all the way through. Here, people just act like people except at some crucial plot points. Maybe the teeth would have felt more biting 25 years ago. 3 stars.

The Big Lebowski

The Coen Brothers, as Infrogrames theme song says, rock my world. A sneaky plot, three distinct "not so bright" characters, some funny gags. I wasn't really satisfied with how the plot was structured; it followed the Dude's intersection with the story, so I can see why it ended where it did, but there wasn't really any sense of closure for me. 4 stars.
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