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Back when I lived in Boston and wasn't formally employed, I used to have trouble remembering what day of the week it was. Since I've taken up reading webcomics regularly, that's been less of a problem, since they're all scheduled so crazily that I have to keep track of the day of the week to remember what to read.

One of the things I've done over the years is donate money to comics artists I thought were worth it. demian5, Tristan Farnon, Scott McCloud, and a few others. I had a subscription for a year to Modern Tales, a comics collective. I buy product instead of donating, where available: I have an old goats t-shirt and all the Scary Go Round books. (I'm waiting to buy the Sluggy books until the new versions of the first volumes are done.)

Anyway, sometime mid-last year, the webcomic review column websnark finally got me reading Narbonic. I'd tried to read it a couple times before and never connected; it wasn't until I just started from the beginning of the archives and read all the way through that I caught the bug. (I had the same experience with Sluggy, too.) Unfortunately, I've failed to convince anyone else to read it; probably in no small part because the archives are part of Modern Tales, so you have to subscribe to read them. I myself never re-subscribed after that first year, three-odd years ago, but they accidentally never deleted my account or something. So I'm not blaming anyone for not getting hooked on it; I'm just sad. (You could subscribe for just a month and plow through the archives if you want. Or you could borrow the books from me. Except the second book isn't out yet, so only about 1/4th or 1/3rd of the archives are in print. And I don't think it gets really good until that middle material.)

So I'm flush with cash these days, and it really is my absolute favorite webcomic these days, so I went ahead and sent in a much larger amount of money then I normally give to webcomic artists, in return for an original of one of the strips. Not because I really want to own original webcomic art, but just because I felt like donating and figured I might as well get something out of it.

This is a strip from February 2004, featuring Helen (a mad scientist) and Dave (her henchman/electronics technician) taking a break topside from a small (Valentine's Day?) party in their underground lair.

It's one of my favorite strips humor-wise, plus it helps set up an important plot line which only just reared its head in the last month or so and turns out to have had the set-up groundwork laid for a year or two before this comic.

It may look a little larger than real life in the picture, because it's being held well in-front of the monitor. Its actual length is very close to the height of the monitor, which is a 20" LCD.

So, anyway:

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