not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I was poking around on my hard drive, chatting about old IF (text adventures) I'd written, and I came across a document which contains most of what I did for an unfinished game for emshort's original SmoochieComp. I thought some people might find it interesting.

It's a faux transcript of the first, oh, 1/5th or so of the game. I wrote this up as a transcript so I could write descriptions and such without thinking about coding (a technique I'd read about from jrw, but which I've never used for any of my finished games). From a coding standpoint, I only wrote a tiny amount of this, but I did completely implement having all the library messages dynamically switchable from 1st-person present tense to 3rd-person past tense. (I believe this was what I was coding when I was on a train from DC to Boston after Christmas and randomly met liza, who recognized the open DM4 pdf. This was before I was on ifmud, so I knew her primarily as the author of Dinner with Andre.)

I don't remember exactly why I bailed. I think I felt it was over-ambitious given the time available (hmm, although I was between jobs at the time), and also that I couldn't do a good enough job on the non-romance-novel-y character stuff, which just isn't my strong suit. In the process of writing all those library messages I made this useful document for Inform authors.
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