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not a beautiful or unique snowflake's Journal
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Monday, October 11th, 2004

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In mid-August, John Allison introduced to his Scary Go Round webcomic a character named the boy. I thought this was kinda cute and funny in a goofy way (the word "the" is an inherent part of the name, and thus appears in an otherwise ungrammatical fashion), and approved.

Then Allison revealed in the next strip that the boy's mother is named the mother, and I did not find this cute or funny, but rather found the lack of uniqueness of the naming idea to make the whole thing far less appealing. Then eventually he followed it up with the father, making it clear that it's just true of the whole the family. And it's just absolutely dumb.

Now he's gone even further; the characters have time-travelled to 1840, where they have encountered a similarly definite-article-laden-named character.


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