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Just before waking up (it seems to me), I had a mid-length dream. I'm not going to go through it blow-by-blow because it's not that interesting, but the basic premise was that I was, for the most part, following this character who was a gangster who had gotten a superpower and had become a superhero. Well, actually two superpowers; I recall some meta discussion about how every superhero had to have at least two superpowers so they'd be distinct enough.

Anyway, late in the dream, this guys, after a string of failures, goes to his "ex-boss" at a party and apologizes for running away from the family and begs forgiveness and promises he'll go kill XYZ, who was his outstanding task when he got his superpowers.

But there was a reporter with a videocamera at the party and she filmed that exchange, and the boss couldn't let that evidence lie around, so he ordered another goon to steal the camera and dispose of the recording. So this goon does, and then he hops in a pickup truck (the reporter's?), and drives off. The reporter screams and yells a complaint about her stolen camera, so the protagonist, not realizing what the content of it is, zooms off on a chase after the pickup truck.

I don't think he could fly so I'm not sure how he caught up. He tried to smash the glass window to break in, but it had been superhardened to stop such. And he wasn't strong enough to just stop the truck. So he started pushing hard off the ground from the side trying to divert the truck into a wall. It careened closer but not enough. He tried kicking off the wall, swinging out the back end and aiming the truck for the wall, except the front tires didn't turn so the truck just straightened out. Eventually though he maneuvered the truck into a dead end.

Tags: books
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