not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I haven't posted any music since June of last year! Whoops! Well, that's because I haven't recorded any music since June of last year. I bought a new computer and Pro Tools and such, but never actually switched over to that computer.

I finally did last week, and I went and bought a drill so I could permanently affix my wacky guitar synth pickup to my guitar, instead of having it taped on, and now I'm all set to start recording again. I've been poking at doing quick guitar sketches to get started and learn protools. I'm not sure what will be forthcoming--sketchbook entries or 24-hour-albums or polished pieces, but something.

The big problem is still drums; I can break out my keyboard and do them by hand, imperfect timing at all, which is how most of the old stuff worked; or I can try to program them in pro tools driving a software synth, but I'm not really up to that. Really I want to write my own software-drum-machine (from samples, just to simplify programming); I have a bunch of ideas how to make the user experience awesome and extremely fast, which would be good for the 24-hour-albums. Finding time and motivation to work on it is not so easy, though. For now I'm just happy to be motivated enough to record at all.
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