not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I thought I should finally switch over to the LJ S2 style system, but when I tried, I couldn't find anything I was happy with. This was exacerbated by the fact that the style-previews show a preview of the 'recent entries' page, and the only page I care about is the 'friends view' page, and in particular one thing I realized matters a lot is where the username of the friend appears. I poked at Variable Flow since it promised nice configurability, but it turns out it buries the friends' name on the same line as the date/time, after the date/time, where it's not at all easy to spot.

The only real reason I want to switch to S2 is because S1 doesn't support tags (and because I imagine S1 will go away someday). But I can just not bother for now. Still, if anybody is using an S2 style that has the following properties for the friends view, please point me at it:
  • doesn't box each entry separately, or draw lines between entries (it's ok to draw borders between days, though).
  • sets off the username where it's easily visible (preferably, with the userpic)
  • no sidebars that leave a ton of empty space on left or right once you've scrolled down (or, worse yet, hover along as you scroll) -- a "sidebar" the width of a userpic, for presenting userpics, doesn't count
  • a reasonable amount of space to the left and right of text (half an em to an em, maybe?) - this is one thing my current style doesn't do
  • reasonable borders from the left and right edges of the browser (Variable Flow's gradation from 'tiny' to 'small' is way too huge a step, as neither felt good)

I currently use a version of S1 Penguin Elegant w/sidebar that I customized to move the sidebar to the top. I really like how the block of color (er, white) in the userpic space indicates the boundaries of each post top-to-bottom without actually extending a line across between the entries.

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