not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Thanks for the router responses; I'm going to return the new linksys and get a different brand; I think newer models may be flakier.

Left over SIPs:
  1. guitar case, public access station, mean dude, demo reel, video distributors (Rebel Without a Crew, kizlj)
  2. glittering plain, white crow, flying post, fireball projectors, unknown shadows, hidden folk, killer shadows, glittering stone, black spear, little wizard, wooden throne (Soldiers Live, jearl)
  3. black morion, old spook

inkylj offered a canny guess about the subject matter of #1, which is non-fiction; it just remains to somebody to name the book that is about Robert Rodriguez.

I've added to #2 all the other SIPs for it. #3 had no others, but perhaps the answer to #2 will put someone in the mind for it.

There were two actual CSI complaints I had in mind when I wrote my CSI post, but I forgot both of them by the time I got there. I added one of them when I remembered it later. My other big gripe: the "out lines", the lines leading into commercial and especially the opening credits, are always exceedingly lame. They're inferior grade quips, almost always lousy puns (not entertainingly bad). Sure, they can't always be winners, but they just never are. (Since it transcends all the writers, I imagine it's just my aesthetics are a total mismatch for the show-runner's in this department.)

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