not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

LJ Interests meme results

  1. computer game design:
    well, duh
  2. fainting in coils:
    a Lewis Caroll ref chosen just to pad out my interests with ones nobody else has; actually inspired by the Bill Bruford song of the same name
  3. google:
    ok, I should probably remove this now
  4. jimi hendrix:
    he was pretty darn good, if not godlike
  5. mario 64:
    I played it through (120 stars) three times
  6. performing music:
    I should probably remove this and stick to 'recording music'
  7. sarcasm:
    I should probably remove this, since I'm never sarcastic
  8. tads 3:
    I should probably remove this, since I'm more likely to go with Inform 7 now
  9. tribe:
    a rock band three of whose members happened to work for Looking Glass after the band split up. the keyboardist did design on the Thiefs (and was a lead writer or something on Thief 3) and was the voice of Shodan; the guitarist was the main sound guy on the Thiefs and is likewise now at Harmonix; the bassist was the project lead on Thief and has moved on to an even higher-up position at Harmonix
  10. xyzzy:
    the classic magic word from Adventure, now used as a secret verbal handshake amongst text adventure afficianados. Pronounced "phlegm".

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