not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Replaced motherboard and power supply. STILL spontaneously reboots. WTF!

Symptoms: the machine spontaneously reboots if I copy/move files, that is, both read and write to hard drives at the same time, after a while. There are two hard drives in the machine, and it happens for R1W1, R1W2, or R2W2 (I didn't bother trying the third combination). I thought this meant the hard drives themselves were off the hook since it happens with either drive.

Things I have
replaced or removed
Things I have not
  • video card
  • ethernet card
  • RAM
  • power supply
  • motherboard
  • hard drive (boot)
  • cables connecting hard drives to mboard
  • operating system
  • CPU

I've checked for viruses and spyware.

I can't easily test the boot hard drive because this is the only PATA machine I have and I don't have any other bootable PATA drives. I'll look into making a Knoppix live CD and copying the hard drive to another drive, although making that copy itself is problematic! Unless it turns out to be a problem with the OS.

I think my plan of attack is:

  1. write a simple 'move file from A to B' program, and test that and see if it's a software problem
  2. reinstall windows xp over itself
  3. copy the hard drive to backup PATA drive (but how???)

Because I can read the hard drive fine, I can make a copy of all of its data over my LAN to another machine, but I don't have enough room to store the whole thing anywhere--in fact, this whole process started when I was moving files around between hard drives trying to consolidate the free space.

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