not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

CSI S07E04 Fannysmackin'

Well, I'm giving up on TWOP forums; I rarely have interesting conversations with people there (although I do sometimes get stuff I missed from the VM forum). In particular, they're all in love with this episode of CSI, and you know, I enjoyed it, but there are some gaping plot issues and some weird structural things that make me think somebody really screwed up the script or the editing.

Or I missed a big swath of it.

First, after making this big deal about how they're going after tourists (and the term even derives from their fannypacks or something), what the hell was the deal with the first death, the dishwasher, who was no tourist? I thought they were going to for some kind of 'aha, that wasn't really the whole gang, that was a hired killing made to look the same or something'. But they faked me out, because instead they just never explained it!

Meanwhile, despite having steered things in a direction to suggest that maybe that wasn't one of the same incidents, they bring in these other guys who say they got beat up. But right before that they mention that it's been twenty hours (or something) since the last incident, so maybe it's over. And the guy doesn't look anywhere as near beat up. So the moment they show up I think it's trivially obvious that they're faking it. I expected them to get rejected immediately. Instead, we get a drawn out thing working out and then proving that they're lying. It's like they planned to do that with the dishwasher and then there was some problem and they had to throw something else in to fill out the storyline, so they adapted the idea to these other guys.

The second procedural problem is the whole thing with the text messaging. They said that if they could get the pig guy's number, they could subpoena his records and find out everyone that he called. But they don't know his number (and they implied or stated this fairly clearly as if it was a problem for them). I guess the idea is he must have used the dishwasher's cell phone to text people, and they looked at those records? I dunno. But they didn't bother saying that. And if so, then they should be able to translate numbers to names and just arrest the people like they normally do. Announcing a fake plan and getting them all to show up, ok, that sort of works, but why bother? Plus anybody who can't make it that night gets off scot free? (Like, people who are visiting someone in the hospital?) Just, wtf. And then despite the fact they were sending the message out supposedly from pig, pig shows up and is all 'didn't you message me', but who did they pretend to be when they messaged him? They supposedly didn't know who the other people were to pretend to be it? I guess they got the info from the chick, so it's workable, but they just seemed to have like left out way too many of the dots you need to reasonably connect them on the fly while watching the show.
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