not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Catching up on The Escapist from July (because the RSS feed I was reading stopped working and LJ doesn't propogate the 404 error) I got the following pleasurable[*] sequence:

Issue 61:
The GTA series is actually developed in Scotland, by Rockstar North. It is shocking how many people you'll find who think it's actually an American-developed series. Such mistakes are constantly made. On a popular forum for classic games, someone posted a poll asking people who their favorite developers were. After several replies, most people had in fact been listing the publisher behind their favorite games; they embarrassingly admitted to not knowing who the developers were, and seldom paid attention to such details.

(The author then goes on to mention a particularly harrowing read of an article whose author kept referring to the publisher as if they were the developer while the accompanying infobox made clear that the developer was someone else.)

Issue 63:
Origin created worlds, from the battle-ravaged world of Wing Commander to the spooky space station of System Shock...

And all the latter authors had to do was follow their own link for System Shock; it's right there in the infobox.

* Yeah, that was sarcasm.
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