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not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I usually don't keep very good track of money since I'm pretty good at spending far less than I make. My recent influx of lots of money has led me to a certain degree of splurging, so I collected my last couple years of credit card statements to investigate and put numbers on how excessive my expenditures have been.

I'm not sure why or to whom this would be interesting; I'm writing it up for me and future reference, but I don't have any good reason to lock it, so.

So my budget in Oakland looks like this: ~$12K a year on rent, food via cash or bank card of unknown amount (probably $3-4K), electric/phone bills paid via bank account ($1-2K?) and then various random more-or-less discretionary purchases via credit card. Figuring on discretionary purchases as being ~$5K, that works out to around $22K, which makes sense; I've often tired to target around $2K/month.

Anyway, rather than guess about the discretionary purchases, I took my credit card bills for the last couple of years and found the following info (summarized from a more detailed spreadsheet).

2005: $ 5000
2006: $15000

I actually assigned purchases to the payment-date-due on the statement (rather than the date of the purchase), because that date was most visible on the statement; so the purchases are slightly time-shifted--2006 actually includes purchases made in December 2005.

Categorical breakdown of the last 27 months (missing one month):

$7200  computer hardware  $4300 newegg
                          $2895 dell
$1847  audio recording hardware/software (protools etc.)
$ 250  videogames
$2380  professional       $ 895  game developer's conference
                          $ 705  licensed art assets
                          $ 775  game/graphics programming books
$2100  airfare for multiple trips
$ 500  netflix
$1265  dvds               $ 919 deepdiscountdvd
                          $ 345 amazon
$1185  cds                $ 663 deepdiscountcd
                          $ 522 amazon
$ 614  ipod + many headphones
$ 350  archos
$ 422  internet hosting, domains, etc.
$ 288  webcomics books
$ 225  amazon books ($100 for Calvin&Hobbes alone)
$1800  misc uncategorized

Looking to the future, I hope to return to 2005 levels of expenditure. A certain amount of the excess in 2006 was 'money burning a hole in my pocket'; I knew I had a lot money and could afford stuff, so I splurged on CDs and DVDs; I'll have to be careful to rein that back in.

But most of the expenses should be fairly non-repeatable. A lot of this stuff was computer hardware, which I should be set with for a while (purchases in the last 27 months include 3 LCD monitors, 2 desktop computers, and a laptop). I don't need to buy more game programming books (I didn't really need to buy these, but I figured it would be nice to have them just in case, and there was no reason to wait--I splurged on amazon a ton during my three-month trial of Amazon prime, but only stuff I would have bought Amazon prime or not). I upgraded the ipod due to space issues, but now I have a 60GB ipod and 30GB of mp3s so size-wise it should last the rest of my life (though the battery won't).

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