not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

My Christmas "vacation":
Dec 22: Fly SFO to BWI, 2:35pm to 10:36pm (local times) Dec 23: Fly SFO to LAS to DUL, 6:30am to 5:00pm
Dec 23: dinner+ party with extended family (my mother's brother and sister and their spouses, children and grandchildren) at mother's brother's house Dec 23: as planned, barely, direct from Dulles
Dec 24: no plans Dec 24: my brother Dave's friend Gene came over; we recorded basic guitar tracks for some of Gene's songs
Dec 25: presents, X-mas dinner, etc. Dec 25: presents (3 CDs, 2 DVDs, 2 DNA books); mother and about 50% of extended family have food poisoning (cause never determined; suspicion falls on some cookies served at party) and do not eat all day; Dave and I record some music
Dec 26: Second party with extended family at mother's sister's house; Dave returns to his home direct from there Dec 26: party cancelled due to illness; Dave sticks around
Dec 27: no plans; maybe go up to Philly (overnight?) to visit Valerie? Dec 27: no clue what we did during the day; we made X-mas dinner, and Dave left that night
Dec 28: no plans Dec 28: met mother's sister's family at shared family house on Chesapeake Bay for lunch; fret about storm in Denver
Dec 29: Fly SFO to DEN to BWI, 2:35pm to 6:58pm (local times) Dec 29: to airport before 11am; Fly SFO to DEN to BWI, 3:20pm to 9:30pm; door-to-door travel time: 16 hours

Dave and I have been poking at recording stuff at Christmas ever since we did this one in 2003, although we've never recaptured the glory (I don't think I've even posted the results from 2004 and 2005). I'll post it when we've edited it down/finished overdubbing/whatever.

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