not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I bought two new bass guitars for myself "for Christmas", I guess. (I was tired of my cheap bass always exhibiting a buzz/hum unless I held at just the right angle, so I got $500 bass with active electronics and such, and hey, that fixes it. And then I bought another cheap bass.)

So I've been playing them, mostly on and off, and I guess my new rule of taking these seriously is I don't play them with a pick. I always play bass with a pick, so I guess that's my price for getting new toys: I have to learn to use them better. So, yeah, playing without a pick. Slapping and popping, even!

Anyway, my computer isn't set up for proper recording yet, and I'm kind of on hiatus from serious music while I get my game in gear, but I know I haven't posted any music in a while, so, pointlessly, here's me noodling on my new bass guitars. (Most of the riffs are things I've been playing in the last two weeks with them, although a few things are made up on the spot.)

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