not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Since nobody is ever on ifmud to talk about this when I want to:

BSG -- Crossroads part II -- spoilers

1. I don't believe the four of them are actually cylons. It's just another gigantic fakeout. (All we know is that they've jumped to the conclusion that they're cylons. It's certainly possible that TPTB intend this to be clear and unambiguous evidence that they're cylons, but compared to, say, Boomer's planting of bombs... not so much.)

1b. Jimi BS -- also All Along the Watchtower is not evidence that they're cylons. If anything, it's evidence of somehow being a message from the thirteenth colony/earth/whatever, not a cylon. Again, not that they can't somehow explain this as a cylonism should they choose, but it all points to, at least, them keeping it ambiguous whether they're really cylons or not. (Naturally, everybody in the TWOP forums is assuming they're really cylons. Ok, more like 90%.)

1c. The five "special" cylons that the regular cylons DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE, that seems to imply that they don't regenerate. Are there even multiples of them? If there aren't multiples of them, it's awfully convenient that they all ended up in those important positions that they did amongst the escapees. Rather than, as the odds would predict, all being killed off in the initial attack.

1d. So if they are four of the final five, fuck you TPTB for your stupid bullshit manipulations. And if they aren't? Fuck you TPTB for wasting our time on the tease. (Yeah, they can't win. They can't win because of what they wrote. If they hadn't written it this way, they could have won.)

2. I was glad to see Lee make a lot of the same complaints I made about the trial--except for the part where having the dumb stuff was just bad, lazy writing (in previous episodes) to allow Lee to make the complaints or something. The only thing that actually mattered in the trial was Felix Gaeta's testimony, and he'd already been compromised as an enemy of Baltar (which itself seemed randomly trumped up). Everything else was BS to give us character moments.

2b. They even totally dropped the ball on writing the trial. Lee went up as a witness for the motion for mistrial, and after he was done the judge says "do you have any other witnesses", and I'm like, wait, for the motion for mistrial or for the whole trial? No, they'd just entirely forgotten (or possibly edited out) the whole fact that a mistrial motion was being decided. FUCK YOU, TPTB.

3. Kara fucking Thrace. Is she a cylon? If so why was she hallucinating ships? Is she telling the truth? If so why was she hallucinating ships? How did she managed to show up on Lee's dradis and nobody else's (he had to cut across a bunch of ships to get to her). And then she disappeared from it just like a hallucination (although maybe that was supposed to be nebular interference... which wasn't happening anywhere else). Basically, it just seems like a pile of ill-explained crap that will never receive a convincing explanation. So, bottom line, fuck you TPTB.

I am totally done with this show, forever and ever. Hooray.
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